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Congratulations on finding the newest page of weiderman.com. On this page we will keep track of all the places we've visited (of note) over our lifetime. Please let us know if we've forgotten any. Most have albums (go back to the main page and click on "Photo Galleries").

When: Where: Who went:

January 2016

Cancun, Mexico V (Rivieria Maya)

Meri, Nelson, Holts, Judi

April 2015

Peru (Machu Piccu)

Meri, Nelson, photographers

February 2015

Acapulco, Mexico IV

Meri, Nelson, Judi, Mark, boys

March / April 2014

Vietnam and Cambodia

Meri, Nelson, photographers

February 2014

Cancun, Mexico IV (Riviera Maya)

Nelson, Meri, Kelly, Garth, Maya, Ali

May 2013

Provence, France

Meri, Nelson, Cornellians

January / February 2013

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico III

Meri, Nelson, Holts, Judi

April / May 2012

Hungary, Slovenia, Austria

Meri, Nelson, photographers

February 2012

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico II

Meri, Nelson, Judi, Mark & boys

April / May 2011

Greece (Athens, Crete, Santorini)

Meri, Nelson, photographers

February 2011

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Meri, Nelson, MaryBeth & Ted Gale

February 2010

Cancun, Mexico III

Meri, Nelson

September / October 2009

Italy (via Madrid)

Meri, Nelson, photographers

February 2009

Acapulco, Mexico III

Meri, Nelson

August 2008

Cruise, Inner Passage of Alaska

Meri, Nelson, church group

July 2008

Cruise Baltics (Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland)

Meri, Nelson, et al.

February 2008

Acapulco, Mexico II

Meri, Nelson

March 2007

Cancun, Mexico II

Meri, Nelson

February / March 2006

Puerto / Nuevo Vallarta

Meri, Nelson

September 2005


Meri, Nelson

March 2005

Cruise Western Caribbean (Grand Caymans, Honduras, Belize, Mexico)

Meri, Nelson, church group

February 2005

Phoenix / Scottsdale, AZ

Meri, Nelson

February 2003

Cancun, Mexico

Meri, Nelson

April 2002


Meri, Nelson, et al

March 2002

Acapulco, Mexico

Meri, Nelson

February 2001

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Meri, Nelson

October 2000

Cousins Weedend

Us, Tom, Maureen, Arlene, Charlie, Gary, Merle, Karen, Bobby

February 1999

Canaries II

Meri, Nelson

July 1998

France (northern, through London)

Meri, Nelson

March 1998


Meri, Nelson

April 1997

Australia (Whitsunday Islands)

Meri, Nelson, Tom Wilcox

July 1992

London and Paris (through Iceland)

Meri, Nelson, Garth, Karen, KellyF, Jen, Leigh

December 1990 (Tri Ada)

Baltimore, Maryland

Nelson et al.

September 1990

Orlando, Florida

Nelson (E&V Team)

March 1990

Denver, Colorado II

Nelson (E&V Team)

January / February 1990

St. Lucia (British Virgins)

Nelson, Rick Tomlinson, et al.

December 1989

San Diego, California

Nelson (E&V Team)

June 1989

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Nelson, Meri, Gail, Garth

February 1989

Phoenix, Arizona

Nelson (E&V Team)

December 1988

San Diego, CA

Nelson (E&V Team)

Jun ??? (gotta figure it out) 1988

Hawaii III

Meri, Nelson, Mil, Buster

March 1988

Denver, Colorado

Nelson (E&V Team)

February 1988


Nelson (AES)

February 1988

London, AES

Nelson, Nico Haberman

May / June 1987

England / Denmark

Nelson, Borger

Jun ??? (gota figure it out) 1987

Hawaii II

Nelson, Dick Martin, et al.

Jun ??? (Gotta figure it out) 1986


Nelson (Dick Martin, et al.)

June 1977 to June 1978

Sabattical Year in Seattle

Meri, Nelson, Mark, Gail, Garth

January 1974

British Virgin Islands

Nelson, Meri, Tom W., Steve W.

July-August 1971

Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Italy, Austria

Nelson, Meri