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The following questions can be used for short essays for your kids or just for Googling around. They are sort of "why is the sky blue?" type of questions, but more obscure. The source can be things you read in newspapers, magazines, or on the web. Please suggest new ones. When I get enough, I'll put them in a database for random selection.

1. Why is purple the color chosen by royalty?

2. Why did J.S. Bach die penniless?

3. What country has the most pigs per capita (and why)?

4. How many stars are visible to the naked eye? In our galaxy? In the universe? If you could fit all the stars that are visible to the naked eye in a teaspoon, how big would a sphere with all the stars be?

5. What is form spam and how do you combat it (without using captcha)?

6. What is CAPTCHA? Hint: it is an acronym.

7. What is an indictment? What does it show?

8. What is so great about California?