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Photo galleries

The idea of the page is to provide links to photo albums that are at weiderman.com. Videos are on a different page. Initially you see the entire list, but if you want to narrow your search, just enter a search string and you will get all the albums that match it anywhere.

Search String:

Beware, there are 246 albums listed below.

Name of Album: What it's about: Date: Who Submitted it:
Columbia & Snake Columbia & Snake River Cruise October 2016 Nelson
Mexico2017 Cancun (with Holts) February 2016 Nelson
Mexico 2016 Mexico wth Gail's family Nelson
The Wickford Regatta 2015 The Wickford Regatta 2015 June 6-7, 2015 Nelson
Ranch (early 2015) Around the Ranch (early snow in 2015) 1Q 2015 Nelson
Meri's Peru Photos by Meri of Peru April 2015 Meri
Peru 2015 Trip to Peru April 2015 Nelson

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California 2015 Visiting the WCW in early 2015 Early 2015 Nelson
Acapulco 2015 Acapulco in 2015 February 2015 Nelson
Christmas 2014 Garth's Birthday and Christmas Christmas 2014 Nelson
St Peter's By-the-Sea Outside and Inside the church November 2014 Nelson
After Columbus Day 2014 Visiting FDR's stomping grounds and Kelly & Ben's October 2014 Nelson
Weiderman Girls Birthday Party Ali & Maya's Birthday Party Aug 2014 Nelson
Summer of 2014 Summer of 2014 July, Aug 2014 Nelson
Easterish 2014 Easter and its aftermath 2014 April/May 2014 Nelson
VC "NelsonShots" 2014 "Nelson Shots" from Vietnam and Cambodia March 2014 Nelson
Nelson's VC Travelogue Nelson's Travelogue of Vietnam and Cambodia 2014 March 2014 Nelson
VC Meri Slideshows Meri's photography in Vietnam & Cambodia March/April 2014 Meri
Riveria Maya 2014 Annual Jaunt to Mexico February 2014 Nelson
Cole's First 2013 School Trip to Getty II October 2013 Cole
Provence 2013 An AHI Tour to Provence France Sept 2013 Nelson
Sept 2013 Gail and the girls visit RI Weekend of 9/14 Nelson
Instagram (mostly) Annual visit of the WCWs August 1-10, 2013 Mark, Kelly, Gail, Nelson
Templeton in July The annual Fourth party and the beginning of the patio July 4 and July 20-22 Nelson
Easter Guess. March 30/31, 2013 Nelson
The Lion King New York Trip to see Lion King February 17 Nelson
Puerto Vallarta Our annual MX vacation Jan-Feb 2013 Nelson
WCW 2012 The West Coast Weiderman's 2012 Mark
Ben & Kelly's Day The Wedding in the Catskills 17 Nov 2012 Nelson
Longmeadow 2012 Mostly Rilee at riding & soccer October 2012 Nelson
Summer Lot of stuff in RI & MA Summer of 2012 Nelson
Artsy (Meri) Hungary, Austria, Slovenia April, May 2012 Meri
Memories (Meri) Hungary, Austria, Slovenia April, May 2012 Meri
Nature (Meri) Hungary, Austria, Slovenia April, May 2012 Meri
Eyebrow Windows Hungary April, May 2012 Nelson
Fine Art of HuAuSl Hungary, Austria, Slovenia April, May 2012 Nelson
Travelogue of HuAuSl Hungary, Austria, Slovenia April, May 2012 Nelson
Flora & Fauna of HuAuSl Hungary, Austria, Slovenia April, May 2012 Nelson
Mexico2012Meri Mexico Surroundings Feb 2012 Meri
Mexico2012Artsy Mexico 2012 Artsy Feb 2012 Nelson
Mexico2012Resort Mexico 2012 Resort (and environs) Feb 2012 Nelson
Mexico2012People Mexico 2012 People (mostly) Feb 2012 Nelson
Christmas 2011 Everywhere on Chistmas +/- Christmas of course Nelson mostly
Thanksgiving 2011 At Kelly & Garth's house When do you think? Nelson
Frostbiting 11/13/2011 Twas less windy than predicted 13 Nov 2011 Nelson
DuVal Along the SKLT DuVal Trail Nov 2011 Nelson
Pond Our new Robin Spears built pond Oct, Nov 2011 Nelson
GailiPhone2011 Gail's iPhone photos from 2011 2011 Gail
Newport2011 Newport, wide-angle, and Judi October 15-16, 2011 Nelson
Sailboat Racing WYC Wednesday Nights Jun-Aug 2011 Cindy Wilson
Windmill Race 5K Race and More Deck Pics 6 Aug 2011 Nelson
Fourth of July Garth's House & Splash Deck Progress 4 Jul 2011 Nelson
Block Island Family Vacation Jun 2011 Nelson
Memorial Day Weekend Building a patio for the pool May 28-30 Nelson
Greece -- Nelson Travelogue Apr 28-May 10 Nelson
Greece -- Nelson Arty Apr 28-May 10 Nelson
Greece -- Nelson Flora & Fauna Apr 28-May 10 Nelson
Greece -- Meri Travelogue Apr 28-May 10 Meri
Greece -- Meri Arty Apr 28-May 10 Meri
Greece -- Meri Plants & Animals Apr 28-May 10 Meri
Easter 2011 Festivities in Templeton April 24, 2011 Nelson
Marathon Weekend Garth ran Boston in 2011 18 Apr 2011 Nelson
New Camera Visit to the Holts, etc. April 2011 Nelson
SoCal Visit to Mark, et al. February 2011 Nelson
Cabo Grand Mayan, Cabo February 2011 Nelson
Beavertail The first photos of 2011 9 Jan 2011 Nelson
Christmas 2010 A few shots at Gail & John's house 25 Dec 2010 Nelson
Halloween Weekend 2010 Activities (mostly Longmeadow) Title tells you Nelson (mostly)
Cole Soccer 2010 Soccer game in CA Oct 2010 Mark
Holt's Columbus 2010 Lake Placid 9-11 Oct 2010 Gail
Bedding Born Free Taking BF home with the Hallbergs & Sue Hammen 11 Oct 2010 Nelson
Meri's Vermont Photo Workshop 26-30 Sep 2010 Meri
Nelson's Vermont Photo Workshop 26-30 Sep 2010 Nelson
Holt's Summer 2010 From the Fourth to Labor Day Summer 2010 Gail
Girl's Birthdays 2010 Party at the MA Weidermans 21 Aug 2010 Meri
Garth's Family July Ogunquit and Mystic Aquarium Jul 2010 Garth & Kelly
Block 2010 Vacation / Regatta 19-26 Jun 2010 Nelson & Gail
The Met 2010 Meri's 65th (gift from Jacki) 1 May 2010 Nelson
Disney2010 Make a Wish Trip to Disney 19-26 Apr 2010 Nelson, Meri
Easterish 2010 Garth's and Karen's 4 & 11 Apr 2010 Nelson
Mexico 2010 Rivera Maya 5-12 Feb 2010 Nelson & Meri
Christmas 2009 +/- Activities of the 2009 Season Dec 2009 Nelson, Gail, Garth/Kelly
Thanksgiving 2009 Thanksgiving Day at Gail & John's Nov 2009 Nelson
Meri's Practice Meri's better photographs over the last month Nov 2009 Meri
Mark's Arty Mark's best photos Oct-Nov 2009 Mark
Halloween The Grandkids on Halloween 10/31/2009 Meri, Mark, Gail, Garth
Jackson Camping First grade camping overnight Oct 2009 Mark
Holt's Columbus Day Weekend getaway Oct 2009 Gail
Nelson's Italy Travelogue Fall 2009 Nelson
Nelson's Italy Foto di Arte Fall 2009 Nelson
Nelson's Italy Flora/Fauna Fall 2009 Nelson
Meri's Italy Travelogue Fall 2009 Meri
Meri's Italy Foto di Art Fall 2009 Meri
Meri's Italy Flora/Fauna Fall 2009 Meri
WCW Fall 2009 The boys of fall Oct-Nov 2009 Mark
August Weekend Hurricane and Walk August 22/23 Nelson
Gabe's Room Building a Room for Gabe (in Garth's basement) 8/16/2009 ff Nelson, Garth
Ogunquit 2009 The Holts and the Weidermans August 13 Gail
WCW Summer 2009 Adventures of the West Coast Weidermans Summer 2009 Mark
Early August Visit of Kelly, Ben + Maya's BDay Early August Nelson
BenKellyKima2009 Kelly & Ben Aboard Kima 1 Aug 2009 Ben Osborne
Dust Collector Project (Ongoing) July 2009ff Nelson
Jul 2009 4th, boating, roofing, gkids Jul 2009 Garth, Meri, Nels
May/Jun 2009 Flowers, Stonington, Block Island May/Jun 2009 Nelson, Meri
Rilee Riding Rilee's First Show 5/17/09 Gail
Holt Deck 2009 The Holt's new deck April 2009 Nelson, Gail, Meri
Easter 2009 The grandchildren mostly April 12 Nelson, Meri & WCWs
Photo Workshop (Meri) Cindy Wilson's Workshop Feb 21 Meri
Photo Workshop (Nelson) Cindy Wilson's Workshop Feb 21 Nelson
Meri's West Coast Acapulco and more Feb 7-18 Meri
Agoura 2009 Visit to the WCWs Feb 15-18 Nelson
Getty II Our second visit to the Getty Feb 17 Nelson
Acapulco Best My choice of the best 17 photos Feb 13-20 Nelson
Acapulco 2009 The photos from our trip to Mexico Feb 13-20 Nelson
Neighborhood Walk with new camera Jan 31, 2009 Nelson
MLK 2009 How I Spent My MLK Weekend (aka Garth's laundry room) Jan 16-20 Nelson
Christmas 2008 Mostly Christmas Oct '08 - Jan '09 Four families
Ice Storm of 2008 Templeton, MA Ice Storm 12/6/08 ff. Kelly
Thanksgiving 2008 T-giving and a few days following November 2008 Nelson
October 2008 Events circa 10/08 October '08 Nelson, Mark, Kelly, Mike Gale, Laura Mock & some pro
Summer 2008 Birthdays and Beaches July/August Kelly, Gail, Mark, Nelson
Baltics 2008 (long version) Cruise through the Baltics July 2008 Nelson
Baltics 2008 (short version) Cruise to the Baltics July 2008 Nelson
Fourth of 2008 Neighborhood party with Garth & Kelly 7/6/8 Nelson
Garth's Shed First four days Apr 2008 Nelson
Longmeadow et al. Horseback riding & Stanley Park Apr 2008 Nelson
CA Spring 2008 Racing/Legoland/Birthday Mar/Apr 2008 Mark
The Getties 2008 The Villa and the Center February 2008 Nelson
California 2008 West Coast Weidermans February 2008 Nelson
Acapulco 2008 Spring Vacation February 2008 Nelson
Videos (2008 ff) All my videos After 2008 Nelson
Christmas 2007 All four families December 2007 Mark, Nelson, Gail
West Coast Pre-Xmas 2007 Mark, Jen, and the boys Dec 2007 Mark
Dec 2007 WCW Those West Coast Weidermans December 2007 Mark
November 2007 Thanksgiving and the grinding wheel project Oct-Dec 2007 Nelson
Fall 2007 Holts The Holt Family Photos Oct, Nov, Dec Gail
More CA Summer Fun 2007 Mark & Jen's Family Aug-Sep 2007 Mark
The Moongate Construction of the Moongate Jul-Aug 2007 Nelson
B-Day Week 2007 August 13 to August 19 Aug 2007 Nelson
Ogunquit 2007 Short trips to Ogunquit, ME Jul-Aug 2007 Kelly, Nelson
Holt Birthdays 2007 Rilee and Grace have parties Jul 2007 Nelson, Gail
Jackson's Birthday 2007 And a little before and after Jul 2007 Enci, Mark, Jen
Block Island 2007 Another family vacation on Block Jun 2007 Gail, Kelly
Mark & Family The bird, the leopard, and the tent Jun 2007 Mark
Spring 2007 Various family contributions Apr-Jun 2007 Various
Easter 2007 Two coasts of Easter Apr 2007 Nelson & Mark
CA here we come Before and after Feb-Apr 2007 Mark
Mexico 2007 Week (minus two days) in Cancun Mar 2007 Nelson
Christmas 2006 Shots from various houses Dec 2006 Nelson, Gail, Mark
Grace at four months Says it all (four photos) Dec 2006 Gail
Thanksgiving 2006 At the M Weiderman in Sudbury Nov 2006 Mark
Grace Baptism The Baptism and its aftermath Nov 22, 2006 Gail, Nelson
Halloween 2006 Halloween and a few earlier shots Nov 2006 Mark, Gail
Holt's Early October 2006 To NJ, Mystic, and Mt. Holyoke Oct 2006 Gail, John
School 2006 The M Weidermans Sep 2006 Encie, Mark
Late Summer 2006 Maya's Birthday, early Grace, deck, apple picking, Maine, The Big E Aug-Sep 2006 Gail, Nelson
Alaska 2006 Inner Passage of Alaska Cruise Aug 2006 Nelson
Grace McKenzie Holt The newest (and last?) grandchild Jul-Aug 2006 Gail, John, Nelson
Summer Fun 2006 Trips, birthdays, parties Jul-Aug 2006 Various
Fourth Birthday of Rilee The Longmeadow Party Jul 2006 Nelson & Gail
G Weids Early Summer Move day, Block, Fourth, G-PAs May-Jul 2006 Garth & Kelly
Fourth of July 2006 arade and pahty at the M. Weids Jul 2006 Nelson
Six Flags 2006 The boys at Six Flags with friends Jun 2006 Mark
Block 2006 Block Island vacation Jun 2006 Nelson & Gail
Early 2006 Holts Christmas to pre-Block Island Jan-Jun 2006 Gail
Weiderman Boys Sporting their Gifts May 2006 Mark
Learning to Fish Easter 2006 at the Deckers Apr 2006 Mark
Mexico 2006 Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta Feb-Mar 2006 Nelson
Garth & Kelly's New House Progress as the house is built Feb 2006+++ Garth
Christmas 2005 At Holt's and M. Weiderman's Dec 2005 Mark & Nelson
Halloween 2005 Halloween at Weidermans Oct 2005 Garth & Mark
Home Alone +6 Six Grandkids, etc. on Columbus Day Oct 2005 Nelson
Summer Fun 2005 Mark, Jen, Grant, Cole Jackson Jul-Sep 2005 Mark
Alison Frances Weiderman Birth through about a month or so Aug 2005++ Garth
Six Summer Birthdays Six Birthdays July 17 to Aug 15 Jul-Aug 2005 Nelson
Block Island 2005 The tenth annual BIRW for KIMA Jun 2005 Various
Memorial Day 2005 The parade and the park May 2005 Nelson
Meri's 60th Birthday A birthday and Mother's Day May 2005 Nelson
Rilee and Friend Four photos of Rilee and Nolan Dec 2004 & May 2005 Gail
Sunroom Progress on the sunroom Apr 2005 +++ Nelson
Easter 2005 Easter at Garth's house in Orange Mar 2005 Nelson
Grant's BDay & Easter Birthday boy, then Easter Mar 2005 Gail
Spring Cruise Cruise to the Western Caribbean Mar 2005 Nelson
Spring Break Vacation in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ Feb 2005 Nelson
New Years Zoo 2005 Trip to the Roger Williams Park Zoo Jan 2005 Mark
Christmas 2004 Another year passes Dec 2004 Nelson
Thanksgiving 2004 At the Weiderman Ranch Nov 2004 Nelson
NYYC Awards Banquet The NYYC in Manhattan & First Frostbite Day Nov 2004 Nelson
Halloween 2004 Grandkids in costume Oct 2004 Gail, Mark/Jen
World Series 2004 Red Sox Win and Aftermath Oct 2004 Gail & John
North Americans Kima and crew in Marion, MA Sep 2004 Nelson
Wickford Summer Series Wednesday night racing 2004 May-Aug 2004 Cindy Wilson
Lots of Leos Birthays for Jackson, Nelson, Cole, Gail, Maya (and Rilee too, a premature Leo) Jul-Aug 2004 Nelson
Fourth of July Weekend Wedding, cemetery, party Jul 2004 Nelson
Block Island 2004 Through the lenses of parents Jun 2004 Kelly, Mark, Gail
Block Island 2004 The whole fam damily at Block Jun 2004 Nelson
Memorial Day 2004 Memorial Day and a few from earlier in May May 2004 Nelson, Gail, Kelly
Easterish 2004 Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday weekends (plus or minus) Apr 2004 Nelson, et al.
First of Spring? Grant's B-day and earlier in February 2004 Mar 2004 Nelson, et al.
Jackson's Christening Jackson's Baptism day and earlier in February 2004 Feb 2004 Nelson, et al.
KWRW 2004 ...while G-Pa goes to Key West Jan 2004 Nelson
MLK Birthday Grandma visits the grandkids... Jan 2004 Meri
Chistmas 2003 Title says it all Jan 2004 Everyone
Fall into Winter re-Christmas stuff Dec 2003 Nelson, et al.
Maya's Christening Maya's Christening with family Oct 2003 Nelson
Various September Mostly grandkids, at Block Island, Wakefield, and Orange Sep 2003 Garth, Kelly, Jen, Nelson
Maya Louise Weiderman Maya and the 'tives Aug 2003 Garth
Cole's Birthday Second Birthday for Cole Aug 2003 Jen
Home Alone G-PA & G-MA take care of Rilee Jul, 2003 Nelson
Jackson Bradley Weiderman Birth Day for Jackson Jul 2003 Mark
Rilee's Birthday First Birthday for Rilee Jul 2003 Meri & Nelson
Block and Fourth Garth's pics from Block Island and Fourth of July party in Orange Jun-Jul 2003 Garth
Block Island 2003 Boats and family at Block Island Jun 2003 Nelson
Early 2003 Grandkids miscellania from January 27 through May 26 May 2003 Nelson
Grandkids at play in CT Quick stop after the wedding at Mark & Jen's house Apr 2003 Nelson
Cheryl's wedding Snapshots of wedding goers Apr 2003 Nelson
Rilee at eight months Visiting grandparents and greatgrandmother in Wakefield Mar 2003 Nelson
Mexico 2003 Mayan Palace in Cancun & environs Feb 2003 Nelson
Christmas 2002 Digital photography by seven of the worlds greatest photogs Dec 2002 Nelson, et al.
Hallowed Weenies Grandkids in costumes Nov 2002 Nelson
Rilee's Christening The rite and the afterparty Oct 2002 Nelson
Rilee at two months Smiles, Fenway, bath, and cousins Sep 2002 Nelson
Rilee at one month Visiting RI with KK & dogs Aug 2002 Nelson
Rilee Slater Holt One week in Framingham Jul 2002 Nelson
Bermuda Racing Bermuda International Race Week May 2002 Nelson
Acapulco 2002 Vacation to Acapulco Mar 2002 Nelson
Garth 2001 Garth at NEC November 2001 Dunno
Cole Nelson Weiderman Birth through four months Aug 2001++ Nelson
Cousins Weekend Five cousins and spouses tour the vineyards of Eastern Long Island. Oct 2000 Nelson
Block Island 2000 Family vacation and sailing Jun 2000 Mark

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Grant Decker Weiderman Hospital Photos Mar 2000 Mark
Acadia, SF, Tucson, Dogs Gail's Photos Circa 2000 2000 Gail
NAC 1999 San Francisco J/105 North Americans August 1999 Nelson/Mariah
Pre-Digital 1990s Old Photographs 1990s Nelson
Pre-Digital 1980s Old Photographs 1980s Nelson
Pre-Dig Sports Teams and boats 1970s and 1980s Nelson
Pre-Digital 1970s Old Photographs 1970s Nelson
Pre-Digital 1960s Old Photographs 1960s Nelson
Pre-Digital 1950s Old Photographs 1950s Nelson
Pre-Digital 1940s Old Photographs 1940s Nelson
Pre-Digital School Pics Old Photographs 1923-1993 Nelson
Karen's Stash Digitized photos from 1921 to 1951 Way back Various
Joyce's Other Stash Old pics from 1917 to 1947 Various Various
Joyce's Stash Joyce's digitized photos from 1907 to 1945 1907-1945 Various
Knoepfle's Stash Oldies provided by the Knoepfles 1903 to 1972 Mostly Knoepfles
Pre-1940s photos Best of the oldies 1884-1939 Various

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