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Pearls of Wisdom

Congratulations on finding the newest page of weiderman.com. Here we will have thoughts on how we can be better people in the short time we are here on mother earth. These are longer than "one-liners". Please submit to nelson@weiderman.com.

Name of Contribution: What it's about: Date: Who Submitted it:
Maple syrup Not only good, but healthy too Apr 4, 2011 Nelson
Love, love, love Misattributed W.A. Mozart quote Feb 8, 2011 Nelson
What Matters

Barak's Tucson Speech

Jan 11, 2011 Nelson
Travelling light Pofundo Journeys Jan 14, 2010 Nelson
Try To Remember Postlude sung by Birgitta Whited Sept. 6, 2009 Nelson
Low Self-Esteem Quotation of Jay Leno May 26, 2009 Nelson
Yesterday is history Poem May 21, 2009 Karen
Self-esteem v. humility Article by John Rosemond April 7, 2009 Nelson
Parenting & school Article by John Rosemond June 3, 2008 Nelson
Men, eating, & family Article by John Rosemond April 29, 2008 Nelson
Easter Meaning Exerpts from Sunday Sermon Mar 2, 2008 John Zehring
Friday's Laws Eight Laws to Live By June 12, 2007 Nelson
Unveiling a Michelangelo Enrico Garzilli (our hero) April 23, 2007 Nelson
Love Poem (dog lovers) Do you remember love April 10, 2007 Connie Rocco
Spiritual Health Increase Your Soul's Health March 25 , 2007 John Zehring
Happiness Are you happy? Feb 4, 2007 John Zehring
Christmas Prayer What we ought to think about ... Dec 24, 2006 John Zehring
The One You Feed The Wolf Inside You Dec 15, 2006 Nelson
Love Stories Dr. Rocco (our dentist) Dec 4, 2006 Nelson
Life Coaching Helping others in life decisions Dec 3, 2006 Nelson
Grace's Baptism Audio of Grace's Baptism Oct 22 , 2006 Nelson
Love, Love is the Answer Enrico's Hymn written for Nelson & Meri Sep 29, 2006 Nelson
The Right Stuff How to compete in a flat world Sep 29, 2006 Nelson
Raunchy songs Consequences for early teen sex Aug 7, 2006 Nelson
May you have enough... Traditional Irish Blessing Jun 1, 2006 Nelson
Sailing On the merits of sailing Feb 24, 2006 Nelson
Free vacations Get one (or two) vacations per year Feb 19, 2006 Nelson
Struggling with faith KCC Sermon on faith Oct 30, 2005 John Zehring
How math enriches our lives Providence Journal editorial Dec 30 , 2004 Nelson
Out of the Ordinary Leaning on the heart of God Nov 14, 2004 Gail
Average Weight, USA Today American adult average weight is up 25 pounds in the last 40 years. Oct 28, 2004 Nelson
Adam & Eve, Part 2 How good do you have to be? Oct 10, 2004 John Zehring
Adam & Eve, Part 1 The most understood story in the bible. Oct 3, 2004 John Zehring
If I Had My Live to Live Over Erma Bombeck's reflections upon learning she had cancer. Oct 8, 2004 Gail