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 Low Self-Esteem

Upon reflecting on his last week (and 16 seasons) on the Tonight Show:

"I'm a great believer in low self-esteem. The only people I find that have high self-esteem are criminals and actors. And if you have low self-esteem and you always assume you're the dumbest person in the room, you'll work harder."

And another snippet from the same interview:

"The real trick to show business is try not to get too excited, try not to get too depressed. I have the same friends I had in high school. I'm married to the same woman. I'm still driving the same car I had when I dated her -- although I got a few more. I come in here and enjoy it. I enjoy being a voyeur to show business. I enjoy looking at it and being around it. But it doesn't become my life. I don't let it absorb me."

-- Jay Leno