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On Sailing -- by Nick Mace

Sailing must be the most underrated sport of all time. Although it does
not have the instant gratification of motorised sport sought by
adrenaline junkies or the forced mate-ship of team games, sailing has
long term rewards that far exceed either. Non-sailors seem to view
sailing with suspicion as some mysterious art-form that must passed
genetically. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sailing is simply one of those life skills, like riding a bicycle or
swimming. It can be learnt in an hour or two for sheer enjoyment or
perfected through Olympic training. The level is up to the individual. I
often hear about today's kids being ADD, hyperactive or socially inept.
Leave the Ritalin, play therapy & peer pressure behind & introduce them
to sailing. They will seek their own pace and meet their own objectives.
Sailing provides many challenges, great contentment and teaches the
value of self discipline.

Sailing does not require you to "fit in" or to be "chosen" for a team.
You do not need good hand-eye co-ordination or to be fit. You can be any
shape, size or age.It is a healthy, outdoor, water sport that builds
confident and able young men and women. Think JFK, Ted Turner, Edward
Heath, Prince Phllip, Ernesto Bertarelli, Thomas Lipton etc. Not
successful men who sail, but rather sailors that became successful.

Competitive sailing requires tactical and strategic thinking more than
physical ability which is why older, more experienced sailors often hold
the whip hand over the agile youngsters. Do not think "sailing school"
or "ocean cruiser" or huge expense. Do not rush out and buy a boat or
any "boaty" gear. Do not think of romantic beaches. Think small,
unsinkable, safe boats with sails that will effortlessly and silently
propel you across the lake and back again. Like magic.

If you enjoy sunshine, water, and outdoor activity, simply phone your
local sailing club and they will be only too happy to welcome you to one
of their "open days". You can easily have grasped the mechanics of
sailing and be able to put this into practice within a couple of hours.

Although I started out saying that sailing held no appeal for adrenalin
junkies, I lied. Think windsurfing, kiteboarding, Hobie Cats, sports
skiffs like the 49‚er, Volvo 70‚s and the America‚s Cup. Totally on the
edge or tame enough for Ouma, and everything in between. Sailing has it

[From Scuttlebutt #2038]